Web Design & Development
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Flint River communications (formerly Flint CATV) needed a complete redesign and technical overhaul of their main website. The old site was not compatible to today’s best practices and technical standards and was not equipped with a content management system that offered ease of updates. Third Wave worked closely with both the Marketing team and the IT team at Flint to provide a comprehensive review of the old site and a detailed plan for providing an enhanced online presence for the client.

Wave’s team of designers and project managers worked closely with the marketing team and the company’s owner to develop a new brand for the client that included a new logo and positioning statement for the cable TV offerings. Once the new logo and branding standards were established, the website design was undertaken along with the creation of supporting collateral material.  The web development process not only has to satisfy the needs of the marketing team, but Flint River had a very well-staffed IT team in place that had several technical requirements involving custom application development. Third Wave conducted a thorough Functional Requirements process to determine the exact needs of the IT department in regards to the creation of custom applications.


  • Content Management System
  • Custom Website Design