brings Pennsylvania beer fight to the masses thanks to Third Wave Digital

Posted on Mar 31, 2010

For beer drinkers in the state of Pennsylvania, buying beer from the local convenience store is anything but convenient. In the same state where the founding fathers planned American’s steps to freedom, legislation governing the sale of beer by select retailers has recently come under fire. Now, the push to expand the locations where beer can be purchased has gone from a grassroots effort to a full fledged viral battle – thanks in part to Georgia web development firm, Third Wave Digital. As a full service creative agency, Third Wave Digital has successfully created multi-level Internet marketing campaigns using cutting edge communication technology. Best known for their award-winning website development work, Third Wave Digital has been the go-to web development firm for businesses, educational intuitions and non-profits since 1997. The new website, , sprang from a joint effort between the Pennsylvania Food Merchant Association (PFMA) and, a well known convenience store chain. Together with Third Wave Digital, PMFA worked to create an online portal where information, resources and direct contact with Pennsylvania lawmakers would be only a click away. “Before working with Third Wave, I spent a considerable amount of time checking out advocacy website designs, but none of them gave me what I wanted the way I wanted it! Third Wave was able to customize the site -- and frankly, to do some things that I didn't know were really possible, ” Melanie Horvath, PFMA Vice President of Government Relations said. From theme development and front-end graphic design, to a backend Content Management System and links to valuable resources, Third Wave Digital created an intuitive web presence aimed at encouraging Pennsylvania consumers to become engaged in the legislative process. “Whether you're a business, a charity or a political cause, if you're not on the web, you don't exist. Beyond the ease of educating and engaging existing and potential advocates, the web brings legitimacy to our cause, our organization. Additionally, it has served as a resource for many of the state's news outlets as well as a legitimate source of information for policymakers and their staff,” Horvath said. “When Third Wave Digital tackled this project, we quickly realized that most political action websites on this topic were very home grown efforts. We provided the client with a highly polished front-end look and the backend programming needed to make the site an effective tool to engage voters. The end result is a political action website that very informative and highly interactive,” Third Wave Digital President Bart Campione said. Visitors to can register to receive updates, sign an electronic petition to change the current laws governing beer sales, get informed about the myths surrounding new legislation and gain access to their elected officials in one centralized location. Backing it all up is Third Wave Digital’s proprietary Content Management System that makes updating the site simple and efficient. About Third Wave Digital Third Wave Digital is a comprehensive web design, development and support company specializing in complex web presence creation for small to mid-sized businesses. Third Wave Digital is a division of Colbarton Corporation which offers full service advertising agency services though Third Wave Advertising and complete web hosting solutions through Third Wave Host. Third Wave Digital is headquartered in Macon, Georgia with satellite offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida. For more information about Third Wave, call 888-578-7865, click or e-mail

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