Third Wave Digital announces new admissions website

Posted on Oct 18, 2006

Third Wave Digital announces launch of new admissions website for Mercer University

Third Wave Digital, a web design and development firm located in Macon, Georgia, is pleased to announce the launch of, a comprehensive admissions recruitment website for Mercer University.

Recently, Mercer University decided to totally redesign their online marketing efforts in the area of undergraduate admissions. It was determined the new admissions website should stand alone from the main Mercer website and provide potential in-coming freshmen with a slick, hip and multimedia focused experience. The new admissions website needed to take advantage of the robust tools available to broadband web users in a way that made finding out about the university a fun, informative and exciting experience.

Third Wave responded with the creation of a "push" technology site loaded with cutting edge features and functionalities wrapped in an engaging graphic user interface that was inviting and intuitive. The new Go Mercer website ( features over 30 minutes of custom streaming media clips produced completely by the Third Wave team. In addition, Go Mercer also features a detailed interactive campus map, over a dozen slide show presentations with hundreds of images from the university, custom music and some very unique Flash animated elements. Taken as a whole, the Go Mercer website represents the culmination of Third Wave Digital's expertise in creating next-generation websites for a broadband enable world!

Third Wave Digital was chosen as the vendor of choice by Mercer University due in part to the numerous communication solutions Third Wave has provided to the university over the past decade. Starting with various internal communication projects and expanding their services to include complete marketing videos, fund raising presentations and, recently, a tribute to retiring President R. Kirby Godsey. Bart Campione, President of Third Wave and a 1983 graduate of Mercer had this to say about the recently launched website "Go is an excellent example of traditional marketing skills and advertising tools being melded together to create presence on the world wide web that will propel Mercer to the forefront of effective online recruitment." In addition to design, production, development and implementation of Go Mercer, Third Wave is also providing hosting and support solutions for the site.

Mercer University President, William D. Underwood sees the new website as a needed tool to communicate with today's technology savvy students and had this to say about the sites recent launch "The Third Wave team working with our Mercer staff have done absolutely terrific job on the new admissions website. It exceeded my expectations and will no doubt greatly strengthen our student recruitment efforts. The site is exciting, vibrant, engaging and colorful. We hope to have the opportunity to work with Third Wave Digital again in the near future."

Third Wave Digital is a subsidiary of Colbarton Corporation which also offers advertising agency services (Third Wave Advertising), complete web support and hosting services (Third Wave Host) and interactive exhibit & web design (Third Wave Digital). For more information, contact Bart Campione at 888-578-7865 or at



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