Third Wave Takes Flight Over FVSU

Posted on Sep 30, 2014

Macon, GA
September 26, 2014

Third Wave is always eager for an opportunity to take to the sky with the Aerial Video Quad-copter. Naturally, while at Fort Valley State University filming footage for their upcoming admissions recruitment commercials TWD seized the opportunity to get some high altitude video. Using the Quad-copter, TWD was able to catch some sweeping vistas of the FVSU campus just as the sun was rising.  

Once FVSU saw the finished product they contracted TWD to modify the video for an upcoming spirit event. The quad-copter was able to capture the FVSU campus coming to life from high in the sky with striking views of their main lawn and surrounding buildings. 

Watch the video to envision how quad-copter technology could elevate your recruitment or marketing efforts! 

About Fort Valley State University: Founded more than 100 years ago, Fort Valley State University embraces a history that weaves together culture, a commitment to personal and intellectual growth and a deep sense of community. What students of every era have found here is unequaled leadership across a wide scope of programs. FVSU status as an 1895 state land-grant university has led to remarkable innovations in agriculture and related fields. FVSU has one of the top teacher education programs in the state of Georgia. And, their comprehensive liberal arts curriculum continues to set new standards of excellence.

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