Central Georgia Technical College Case Study

Posted on Sep 21, 2022

CGTC Case Study, web design, spring enrollment 2022 versus spring enrollment 2021

CGTC Spring Enrollment 2022 vs. Spring Enrollment 2021 Case Study

The increasingly growing Central Georgia Technical College put their enrollment in the hands of Third Wave Digital to not only boost brand recognition, but to assist in filling their student body with inspired individuals, looking to pursue a personalized challenging world-class education with one of Georgia’s leading Technical College systems. 


  • Boost Summer enrollment 
  • Generate high conversion rate
  • Increase visibility locally and in surrounding areas


  • Launched Paid Search and Paid Social ads to direct prospects to an informative landing page where they can request more info or apply instantly 
  • Matched creative with target audience to drive more interest
  • Applied SEO best practices to landing page


Increased Spring enrollment numbers by 17.4%, year over year


Central Georgia Technical College is a two-year public commuter college serving a diverse student body by offering traditional on-site and distance education academic programs and services, adult education, continuing education, and customized business and industry services.

The College is dedicated to excellence in fulfilling its mission. CGTC seeks to meet its mission by providing educational, extra-curricular, co-curricular, and workforce development programs, and services that support the economic development and well-being of the citizens within its established service delivery area.


“With all of the growth and expansion happening at Central Georgia Technical College, we appreciate Third Wave Digital's assistance in helping the community know all that the college has to offer. With targeted, digital marketing, Third Wave Digital has helped us spread our message to a variety of audiences while supporting our mission of education and workforce development.”

Amyre Makeupson
Director, Marketing & Public Relations


Like many post-secondary schools, Central Georgia Technical College sought to improve their annual enrollment numbers. In Spring of 2021, CGTC was looking at a low odds of filling their student body as a whole, so they partnered with Third Wave Digital in the Fall of 2021.

Third Wave Digital facilitated a personalized media plan which addressed CGTC’s objectives head on. 


Specializing in the higher education vertical, Third Wave Digital took directly to improving brand recognition first. Initial learnings showed that our target audience had a high level of intent and interest in CGTC’s Health Sciences Program. This allowed us to iterate on these learnings and optimize our initiatives around this program. 

As we are Now entering a long term partnership, our campaigns have gone through refinement and optimization to ensure the highest efficiency and return on investment. 

With our performance-based marketing approach, we’ve identified effective strategies for each enrollment period by focusing on initiatives that drive the greatest results.



Since launching this digital marketing campaign in early Fall 2021, Third Wave Digital has tripled its reach, broadening CGTC’s targeted regions and appealing to a vast range of prospects in surrounding areas. 

Ultimately, through an omni-channel strategy that included keyword expansion onto new social platforms, and effective budgeting through efficient creative and ad copy testing, TWD helped to drive a:

  • 17.4% Increase In Enrollment (from TCSG Enrollment website) 

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