Third Wave Digital Launches Region B Healthcare Coalition Website!

Posted on Jun 10, 2019


Region B Healthcare Coalition, Georgia Mountains Healthcare Coalition, Emergency Preparedness

The Region B Healthcare Coalition teamed up with Third Wave Digital to create a custom website that would function as an informative, yet attractive website where new organizations within the Georgia Mountain region can register to be a part of the healthcare coalition.

Custom Registration & Membership Tools

Third Wave Digital was able to accomplish this goal by building a custom Registration Login and Membership Login tools. The Registration login tool allows new organizations to join as part of the coalition. Administrators have access control to approve and/or deny organizations, as well as edit their information, and export lists. Once an administrator approves an organization, the members of that organization can use the Membership Login tool to create individual member accounts and take advantage of the resources stored behind the password protected pages.

Custom Website Design with CMS Plug-ins

In addition to the custom tools created, the newly developed website is powered by Third Wave Digital’s content management system.  This allows site administrators to easily update and manage the website’s content.  Third Wave Digital also incorporated some of the CMS plug-ins including the rotator manager, photo gallery, and an event’s calendar. The Photo Gallery application allows Region B administrators to upload photos to feature their trainings, exercises, and volunteers in multiple galleries. The Calendar application allows administrators to create new calendar events and organize them according to categories.   

Some of the new website features include:

  • Responsive website design
  • Custom login tools
  • Content Management System implementation with plug-ins: Event Calendar and Photo Galleries
  • Website hosting and support

About Region B Healthcare Coalition

When a disaster hits a community or a region, the entire healthcare system will be impacted and will have to respond. All healthcare organizations, from the largest hospital to a small community health center, will need to work together in a coordinated fashion to effectively respond to the disaster and work towards recovery. The Region B Healthcare Coalition is one of fifteen Healthcare Coalitions that make up the state of Georgia. Region B covers the Georgia Mountains part of the state, and their purpose is to support their local healthcare community and other response agencies to jointly plan for and respond to emergencies.

About Third Wave Digital

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