Third Wave Advertising implements Digital Media campaign for a Technical College

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

Third Wave Adverting was given the opportunity to create and implement a full digital media marketing campaign for CDA Technical Institute (CDA) in Jacksonville, Florida. Before any plans were put into place or concepts were created, the team at Third Wave made a research visit to the main campus of CDA to get a better understanding of the target demographic and first-hand knowledge of the technical college’s goals and objectives. The TWA team was able to conduct focus groups with current students and instructors, asking a wide range of questions about why they choose this particular technical college compared to others. This type of pre-planning, research and firsthand knowledge acquisition is a hallmark of the depth to which TWA goes to make sure our client’s campaigns have successful outcomes. Third Wave Advertising’s Director of Creative Services, Myron Bennett, summed up the team approach by saying, “We like to focus on the granular details of our client’s need and not just take a shotgun approach to marketing for Higher Education institutions”.

Upon the return of the research visit, the valuable knowledge ascertained was methodically reviewed and put into the master marketing plan prepared for the client. TWA culled through the data to ensure they understood what digital methods are going to work to reach the same type of prospects that are similar to those students already attending the CDA program. The media buyers thoroughly researched this particular demographic to learn how they interact with digital media outlets. The CDA program is very unique in that 90% of current students are men and that market segment consume digital media extremely different than other segments.

PPC campaigns are always the cornerstone of any good digital campaign. Even though Google is the big dog on the block, Yahoo/Bing is still very important to consider. Bing has made great in roads in PPC, because they are the default search engine on many popular mobile platforms. The second important element to any good digital campaign is the core message and the creative treatment of that message.  If your targeting is on and your message is good but your creative stinks, your campaign will be doomed! Third Wave Advertising also wanted to expand the CDA campaign into targeted and re-targeted online display advertising to ensure the client was reaching beyond the low hanging fruit of PPC. This approach was supplemented by a strong social media advertising campaign that took the client’s message into unexplored areas.

Today, CDA is benefiting from the results of this well thought out and diverse digital marketing campaign. The overall lead generation from the campaign has met or exceeded expectations and the ratio of conversions into applications has also performed at a high level. By constantly reviewing the results of the campaign and applying changes in almost real-time TWA is able to focus the client’s resources in areas that produce demonstrable results.  

If you would like more information about Third Wave Advertising’s digital media marketing campaigns for your college or university, please contact us at or 888-578-7865. We’ll provide you with a complimentary review of your current digital media practices and review possible services to enhance your digital marketing results.

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