TWD Provides Teleprompter Services

Posted on Dec 30, 2013

Third Wave Digital provides complete teleprompter services as an option add-on feature for any of our local video production packages. The teleprompter allows us to ensure your talent is able to deliver their lines in as few takes as possible, minimizing your production costs. Be it television commercials, corporate videos, or web videos, the use of a prompting system saves time and will increase the effectiveness of your message.  Let Third Wave Digital’s ProLine Series Teleprompter bring your next video to the next level.

Teleprompter Services Include:

  • Set up of script into a suitable format for prompting
  • Easy on-the-fly edits to scripts
  • Variable speed control of script
  • High quality display monitor with contrast and color controls
  • Teleprompter technician/operator

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