Third Wave Digital Announces Launch of New College Website

Posted on Oct 30, 2008

Third Wave Digital, a web design and web development firm announced the launch of a completely redesigned web presence for Florida Keys Community College. The new college website can be found at
Florida Keys Community College (FKCC) wanted a custom web presence to distinguish their unique learning environment from other colleges and universities. There were two main objectives: create a unique, interactive website that will serve as a marketing tool to help boost enrollment and to redesign the look, navigation, layout, and content of the existing website to make it more engaging and user-friendly.

Third Wave Digital delivered a broadband enabled interactive web presence loaded with advanced features and a highly interactive graphic user interface. Florida Keys Community College’s new website features over 20 minutes of embedded media presentations including student video tours, an interactive maps, slide shows and even an online game that were all custom designed by Third Wave’s skilled creative team. Third Wave Digital’s onsite video production and complete web design and development services provided FKCC with a powerful combination of tools and services from a management team totally focused on the client’s needs.

Florida Keys Community College President, Dr. Jill Landesberg-Boyle had this to say about the creation process of the new website, “We knew we wanted an exceptional website, but we did not know what was possible or what to expect.  Third Wave worked closely with our campus, listened to our needs, and helped us see new possibilities.  I was amazed on how detailed TWD’s staff was in their research to capture the true essence of our very unique institution and work to bring that to life online. We truly felt that their team was our team!”
In addition to the visually pleasing front-end design, the new Florida Keys Community College website also utilizes a Content Management System to operate the entire back-end functionality of the website.  The advanced Content Management System give members of the college faculty and staff control over nearly all aspects of the website in order to keep the content as fresh and up-to-date as possible. The Content Management System features a powerful set of management tools that make creating new pages, adding, editing or deleting content (pictures and text), and managing users a simple process that does not require the ability to write code or involve IT trained personnel. 

FKCC President, Dr. Jill Landesberg-Boyle, went on to describe the impact of the new site on their college, “Students, Faculty and Staff are blown away by the work Third Wave did and how full of life our web site is now.  Everyone is proud to give out their web address because they know when that student, potential student or community member hits the link they can not help themselves but to be as excited about Florida Keys Community College as we are... In the words of one of our students, with this website, we are “unstoppable!” ....Third Wave Digital is a huge part of our new, invigorated life at FKCC and we consider Third Wave a big part of why we are now the fastest growing community college in the Florida system!”

Bart Campione, President of Third Wave Digital had this to say about the new FKCC website, “This website represents a new generation of higher education web design & development that really gets through to today’s students using the media-rich language in which they are immersed everyday…that is why similar sites created by TWD such as and have had so much success when it comes to helping increase enrollment.”

Third Wave Digital is a subsidiary of Colbarton Corporation which also offers advertising agency services (Third Wave Advertising), complete website support and hosting services (Third Wave Host) and interactive exhibit and web design (Third Wave Digital). For more information, contact Third Wave at 888-578-7865 or visit

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