Mobile App Development

Third Wave Digital can help you turn your concept for the next great mobile app into a reality.  

Our team designs and builds app for both the Apple and Android platforms.  We create highly polished apps that leverage our extensive experience in a myriad of other disciplines including web design, marketing, advertising and multimedia. Our services include:


Our creative team will help you flesh out your mobile app concept and make sure it's ready for prime time.  We'll create a plain English description of your app that provides a detailed, step by step explanation of the user experience as well as it's marketing and branding goals.  We'll help identify potential pitfalls and problems and work with you to create solutions that remain true to your vision. We'll bring our considerable knowledge of what "works" and what doesn't to help ensure that your app is positioned to succeed once it hits the store.


First impressions count.  That's why, before a single line of code is written, we work to ensure your mobile app has a beautiful and well thought out design. Understanding user expectations and how your audience will interact with the app is key to being able to create a layout that will provide a seamless and effortless interface.  Our designers have decades of experience working in the areas of UI and UX and will ensure everything from the logo and color palette down to the fonts and buttons are designed to support your brand and engage with you audience. 


Not all apps are created equal.  Whether its Objective-C, Java, C++ or a third party API library, knowing which tools to bring to bear on a particular project is critical to its success.  Our team of developers have extensive knowledge in a variety of coding languages and platforms ensuring that you get the best results for your particular project.  You'll be kept abreast of progress through regularly scheduled meetings with your project manager  so you be aware of your mobile app development status. And your PM will also work closely with developers to provid incremental quality-assurance testing so there are no unexpected surprises at the end of the day.  

Launch and Post Launch

Third Wave Digital will help you navigate the complex submission, review and approval process necessary to get your product in Apple's App Store and Google Play.  We'll ensure you have correctly formatted artwork that properly showcases your app and help you craft the critical title and descriptive text copy. We're also your partner post-launch--to implement minor updates or more complicated expansions of functionality so that your app can grow as you do!