Website Coding


Coding & Programming 

Third Wave Digital provides cost-effect custom coding services that integrate seamlessly with your content management experience.  Our development team has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to build your next website or custom web application.  

Common technologies used in our web solutions include: 

  • W3C Compliant HTML5 Markup 
  • JavaScript, jQuery 
  • W3C Compliant CSS3 
  • ColdFusion, Java 
  • MySQL 
  • Windows Server and IIS 

Custom website coding

Website Accessibility 

At Third Wave Digital web accessibility isn’t a premium or add on service. Every site we develop is coded to be accessible to those with disabilities per standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2. We do that by ensuring the underlying site code and designs are: 

Website accessibility

  1. Perceivable: The site is presented in ways that all users can perceive its content and information. 

  1. Operable: The user interface and site navigation are operable by all users. 

  1. Understandable: Content is readable and logically structured, pages behave in predictable manner.  

In addition to providing a solid foundation for ensuring site accessibility, Third Wave Digital provides specialized training aimed at ensuring ADA compliance best practices are maintained when managing website content. Our CMS Editor also includes a built-in ADA checker, that can catch common errors related to meeting accessibility standards when working in your site. If desired, Third Wave Digital also offers quarterly site audits to proactively identify and correct any accessibility errors that may occur over time, ensuring ongoing compliance and usability. 


Interested in a new website that meets today’s stringent accessibility requirements?  Contact us today to get started!