Video Production
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In February of 2017, the Third Wave Digital team was tasked in the creation of a corporate image video for ESG Operations, a company that specializes in utility and waste management for local governments. After meeting with ESG and coming to understand what the company offers to the communities it serves, we knew we’d have to create an exceptional video to do justice to their incredible employees and leadership. Using the collected skills and creativity of the TWD team, along with all the videomaking tools at our disposal, we embarked on a journey to ESG facilities across the southeast to document the astonishing difference that makes ESG unique. We proudly present this video as a testament to what we at Third Wave Digital can also do for your company.


  • Assemble and Oversee Production Crew
  • Conceptualization and Creative Vision
  • Directing
  • On-location Shooting
  • Post Production Services
  • Producing
  • Script Writing
  • Site Survey
  • Video Editing
  • Voice Talent