Interactive Display
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The U.S. Army needed an updated interactive trade show exhibit to engage and excite visitors about the Third Army and their history. The exhibit needed to be mobile with education and entertaining elements. The U.S. Army also required a devise to capture video and send messages to U.S. troops.

Third Wave Solution

The entire exhibit is enclosed within a tent branded with the Third Army logo and other custom graphics. Within this tent you'll find:

  • A "Shout Out" iPad app which allows visitors to record a brief video message of encouragement to personnel stationed overseas
  • An interactive timeline showcasing the Third Army's history presented through a collection historical photos and video.
  • An interactive challenging trivia presentation. This game uses a fast paced question and answer format, and touch screen technology to engage visitors.
  • For younger visitors, hands-on exhibits composed of twenty-four large plastic cylinders mounted in a custom-built aluminum frame which can be rotated to assemble images of either the Third Army logo or its geographic area of operations.


  • Coding & Application Development
  • Conceptualization and Creative Vision
  • Graphic Package
  • Project Management