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To position itself as a community resource, the new View Point Health website focuses first on the main issues a potential client would look for in a care provider.

Along with a clean and intuitive graphic user interface, www.MyViewPointHealth.org houses multiple graphic links, a 30 second overview video – scripted and produced by Third Wave – and an overview of the latest View Point news – right on the site’s home page.

Site visitors can then navigate deeper into the site using the interactive navigation which features expanding and collapsing menu items. Additionally, a custom search feature allows visitors or employees to find facilities near them using either a service or county search. This feature is present on each page of the site so the right resources are never more than a click away. Online communication forms also give site users another avenue to get the information that they need.

To serve the needs of the View Point Health staff, Third Wave Digital developed a completely custom Intranet site that is available via a secure login on the main website. Once logged in, employees can search a staff directory using multiple search criteria, find out about – and register for - upcoming training events and submit both news and alerts to be featured on the Intranet site. Additionally, the View Point Health Intranet also houses important forms and information relevant to the staff.

The beauty of both the main website and the secure Intranet are not limited to the site’s front facing display. Both the public and staff sides of the site are powered by a dynamic content management system that allows the site’s administrators to have complete control. In addition to updating the site’s content and images, Third Wave Digital’s enhanced CMS also allows View Point Health administrators to create new pages, add new communication forms and manage all of the custom Intranet functions.

From adding new employee records that automatically sync to the Intranet’s employee search to managing the agency’s special alerts feed, the CMS and custom tools from Third Wave make the site technologically complex, yet user friendly online experience. Third Wave Digital has also provided complete hosting and support since the site launched in December 2011.


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  • Content Management System
  • Custom Website Design
  • Interactive Navigation
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Video Production

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