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In late 2017, the National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCBC) approached Third Wave Digital to explore opportunities to completely overhaul the NQMBC online reporting platform, which allows member hospitals and clinics to evaluate the quality of service they provide to patients and compare their performance to other centers nationwide.

The updates required for this project were extensive and included:

  • revamping the old user interface
  • creating a more user-friendly data management experience
  • providing modern reporting export capabilities compatible with office productivity software
  • developing a console to provide administrative capabilities to NCBC
  • updating an outdated set of quality measures
  • building a scalable platform to accommodate future growth

To prepare for this mammoth undertaking, Third Wave Digital conducted an exhaustive 10-week review and developed an 80-page scope-of-work document, detailing how to best accomplish NCBC’s goals and objectives. Starting in April 2018, our team worked for 11 months and invested over 3,500 hours, making this easily one of the most ambitious projects in our 20-year history.  In April 2019, the project was previewed to over 200 attendees at NCBC’s annual conference in Las Vegas by Third Wave Digital Project Manager, Claire Childs and Creative Director, Myron Bennett. NQMBC 2.0 launched two weeks later and has exceeded the expectations of the member users and NCBC administrators.


  • Coding & Application Development
  • Conceptualization and Creative Vision
  • Content Management System
  • Custom Website Design
  • Mobile Website
  • Project Management
  • Responsive Website
  • Web Hosting