Top 5 Reasons to Secure an Agency

Many business owners hear the phrase “hire an agency” and immediately think “There is no way I can afford to do that!”  They are not aware that an agency typically works within a business’s existing marketing budget, not costing them any additional expense. For this reason, we should stop using the word “hiring” and start using the word “securing”.  There are many reasons why securing an agency for your business is beneficial, but let’s focus on the top five reasons. 

Today’s world is fast paced and ever changing, so if you want your business positioned to succeed, you should consider securing an agency that will handle your business with “CAARE”.


Having the right creative that resonates with your demographic that is consistently refreshed is key to the success of any campaign. An agency provides you with varied perspectives from an entire team in a timely manner. They commit to bringing fresh ideas to you that have been researched and vetted specifically for your industry. No matter what your advertising medium, an agency can develop the creative needed for everything from an SEO, Print, TV, Radio or Web campaign, and can suggest and execute the development of new websites and landing pages. Not to mention that having a graphic artist, videographer, copywriter and more ready to work on your command is priceless!


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Keeping in mind that an agency typically works within your existing budget makes securing an agency very affordable. In addition, an agency brings buying experience to the table to negotiate lower rates and added value on your behalf, giving you an increased return on your investment. Secondly, not having to budget salaries for a digital manager, graphic artist, website specialist and more means no overhead. Lastly, agencies handle the billing process for you. They reconcile invoices to guarantee you received what you ordered. Then, they compile all your billing so that one payment is made instead of writing multiple checks to multiple vendors. Agencies are responsible for the oversight that saves you time and money.



Businesses can face unexpected or unforeseen changes in their industry. An agency’s team of experts have the ability to develop strategies and processes for many scenarios your business may face. Your agency will be there to refresh your marketing strategies in these instances by staying knowledgeable regarding cutting edge products and platforms in the advertising world.



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Reputation is key when selecting an agency. Viewing an agency’s portfolio of work and awards won will give insight to their successes with their clients.  Knowing that your agency has a team of professionals, each in their own field, allows you to entrust them with your budget. Additionally, an agency will have trusted relationships with media vendors and digital platforms to help in rate negotiation, campaign transparency, and overall communication. Allowing your agency to be your “gate-keeper” to all the multiple reps all vying for your time, will give you peace of mind so you can focus on the daily business operations.



With an agency, you have an entire team working to promote your business instead of one individual.  Each team member possesses professional expertise regarding a wide range of marketing tactics and scenarios. From traditional buys of radio, tv, billboard, magazines and more to digital platforms and social media and even technical support, an agency team provides you with years of experience in making your marketing decisions.


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posted 07/18/2019 in Creative Services

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