Professonal editor creating interactive virtual tour.
Screen capture of interactive display of virtual campus tour.
Screen capture of interactive display shot in 8k.
Thumbnail of state-of-the-art virtual campus tour using 360 camera.

Augusta Technical College

Augusta Technical College came to Third Wave Digital looking for a way to market their school to prospective students. Third Wave Digital’s solution was an Interactive Virtual Campus Tour. The virtual campus tour showcases the campus locations, including residence halls, academic buildings, student life, and drone footage from above the campus. There are also informational tags and photo galleries throughout the virtual campus tour that allows the users to learn more about the different featured locations. Third Wave Digital spent several days on-campus to shoot with their specialized 360 cameras to capture the highlighted locations on the main campus as well as some of their satellite campuses. Now, Augusta Tech can easily showcase its campus to prospective students safely and effectively.


  • Project Management
  • Video Editing
  • Web Video Production
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