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Third Wave Digital has partnered with another Georgia Health Coalition to design and create a custom website that would function as an informative, yet attractive online tool.  The Region F Healthcare Coalition’s website allows organizations with the region register with the coalition. 

Third Wave Digital developed custom Registration Login and Membership Login tools. The Registration login tool allows new organizations to join as part of the coalition. Administrators have access control to approve and/or deny organizations, as well as edit their information, and export lists. Once an administrator approves an organization, the members of that organization can use the Membership Login tool to create individual member accounts and take advantage of the resources stored behind the password protected pages.

In addition to the custom tools created, the newly developed website is powered by Third Wave Digital’s content management system, which allows site administrators to easily update and manage the website’s content.  Third Wave Digital also incorporated some of the CMS plug-ins including the rotator manager, photo gallery, and an event’s calendar. The Photo Gallery application allows Region F administrators to upload photos to feature their trainings, exercises, and volunteers in multiple galleries. The Calendar application allows administrators to create new calendar events and organize them according to categories.   


  • Communication Forms
  • Content Management System
  • Custom Website Design
  • Photo Gallery
  • Responsive Website
  • Web Hosting