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Radiation – It’s Natural.  Wait - What?

Bet you didn’t know air, food, water and radon account for 80% of radiation that occurs naturally.  Or this: You could be exposed to more radiation in one day of coast to coast air travel than if you lived next to a nuclear power plant.  These are just some facts that Florida Power and Light wanted to convey to visitors in an informative, yet entertaining way.  To do so, FPL reached out to the innovators of Third Wave Digital to create an educational tool to learn about natural and manmade sources of radiation.  TWD has been providing entertaining and informative exhibits for the nuclear energy industry since 1999 and has created numerous presentations for FPL’s Energy Encounter visitor center with the newest exhibit called Exploring Radiation.

TWD’s Exploring Radiation exhibit provides two interactive presentations, one offering basic information on radiation and a second that help visitors to estimate their radiation exposure using a simple questionnaire. The fun, interactive format provides a unique learning component to help visitors further understand what radiation is and how it works.

The FPL and its parent company Next Era Energy, take pride in the fact the Energy Encounter, which includes Exploring Radiation, is considered to be one of the most informative and educational nuclear plant visitor centers in the United States.

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