Web Design & Development
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Recognizing that more and more students are accessing websites from their phones and tablets, Third Wave designed and developed a responsive website that provides CDA’s current and prospective students with a seamless user experience across the widest variety of platforms. 

Visitors to the new responsive CDA website are immediately immersed into the world of commercial diving through an interactive graphic novel presentation that allows prospective students to follow the story of young man or woman through the admissions process, training, and graduation from CDA as a certified commercial diver. The innovative design of the graphic novel presentation enhances the overall visual impact of the website and immerses visitors into the website experience. 

Also, with today’s student in mind, TWD implemented a comprehensive overhaul of CDA’s online application form. This user friendly form allows applicants to create a personal account and complete the form at their own pace. 

Companion View Book 

CDA returned to Third Wave Digital shortly after the launch of the site with a need for a student view book that was just as impressive as the website. Third Wave created a one of a kind print piece using the graphic novel theme found front and center on the website. 



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