Third Wave Digital Expands Digital Marketing Services

Posted on Apr 12, 2017

Third Wave Digital is known for our expansive offerings as a Digital Marketing Firm. This holds true because we are constantly adding new, efficient services to our inventory. Due to our promise of excellent communication services, it is with pride that we announce that Third Wave Digital now offers direct display advertising through the digital advertising exchange.

Display advertising can be seen in the form of video, html5 graphics and static ads that are placed on websites, apps and social media platforms. Through programmatic buying we can serve ads through target audiences, re-targeting pixels, contextual searches and more! Our  goal is to provide the customer with the most efficient buy by serving ads to the people who are most likely interested in their product or service.

Most advertising agencies rely on third party vendors to provide this service. This takes clients one step further away from the process and data on prospective customers. We decided to invest in this programmatic digital advertising exchange so we could have direct control of what is being served to our audience and where it is being served. This also gives us the advantage of saving the customer money. When third party vendors are involved, every buy the customer makes is dwindled down by the multi-level management fees that are tacked on before their advertisements are placed. Third Wave Digital wanted to eliminate those fees by directly placing our buys.

Another advantage to TWD directly placing digital display advertisement is the transparency in results. No matter the time of day, we can log into our software and tell our clients exactly how their campaigns are performing. While there is no fancy dashboard, our analytical team can walk clients through all results and re-optimize campaigns as needed.

Having control over creative is another way that TWD beats out the competition. The need to transition one set of creative to another has a quicker turnover than most third party vendors. We are a small company who prides ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Having the expertise and resources to get our clients closer to their next customer is our ultimate goal. We look forward to continuing our tradition of pushing the digital envelope and serving our clients with the highest quality services in the market.

For 20 years Third Wave Digital has been in the business of providing communication excellence to our clients through digital and traditional marketing & advertising services. Third Wave Digital is headquartered in Macon, Georgia and serves clients across the United States. Third Wave Digital offers a comprehensive array of services from web development, hosting and technical support to digital marketing and traditional advertising agency services. Specialty services include interactive exhibit design, print design and complete video production services. For more information contact Third Wave Digital at 1-888-578-7865 or at

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