New Shiny Items! TWD acquires new Ronin Gimble!

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With each new year in the creative industry comes the desire, curiosity and necessity to try new techniques and trends to keep our services fresh and on the forefront of the creative industry’s ever crashing wave of new technology. We fancy ourselves as some pretty savvy tech surfers so we invested in some new video production gear to keep the waves crashing in our favor. Enter the Ronin M.

The Ronin M is a highly advanced 3-way camera stabilizing gimbal that utilizes intelligent DJI specialized gimbal drive motors to keep our camera balanced, stabilized and steady. The Ronin can do this with its three separate motors that control roll, pitch and yaw of the gimbal that are calibrated and balanced to work with each other perfectly. What does all of that mean exactly? It means that we can run, jump, walk, drive, roll, etc.… to get the perfect shot we need without having to worry about a shaky camera or losing our framing while moving so all of our focus is on getting the shots you need to make your project the best it can be.

One of our recent projects required shooting footage of a food and table setting. The creative director wanted the footage to feel fluid and floating. The Ronin M provided the perfect tool to allow the camera to wander smoothly across the set with ease and finesses. Check out one of the videos from that project here.

posted 04/28/2017 in Third Wave News, Video Production

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