Third Wave Digital rides into their 20th Anniversary with a new look!

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So we did a thing… and it’s pretty big! With the start of a new year and also the twenty year anniversary of Third Wave Digital (kind of a big deal) we thought it appropriate to rebrand ourselves from the top down and give TWD a nice facelift to keep the message our brand is sending on par with what Third Wave is doing, where we’re going, and also what we’re capable of.

Third Wave Digital anniversary

Here at Third Wave Digital we’ve always pushed to keep our ideas and projects ahead of the curve and out of the box and we wanted our new branding to resonate that. We spent a lot of time not only re-designing our look but also looking into and really digging deep into developing the message our new look sends. We didn’t just decide “We want our logo to look like this”, we questioned it “Why do we want this look? What message is it sending about us?” And we didn’t settle on a new look until we were happy with the answers to all of those questions. We wanted our new look to not only portray our insatiable commitment to staying on the front wave of new trends and technology but also a feeling of power and strength that resonates throughout our branding.

A lot of the members of the Third Wave Digital team had input on the design and everyone pitched ideas and suggestions on what our new look would be so in a way our re-brand is a culmination of the people and personalities that make Third Wave Digital what it is.

Third Wave Digital anniversary

With all that being said, I really felt that re-branding TWD and working with the creative minds on our team was an energizing process.  Not only did we create a fresh new look for a twenty-year old brand, but we had the opportunity to dig deep into our brand identity and get everyone personal take on what that brand stands for. To us this is more than a simple re-branding process… it’s more than a shiny new look. This is us. This is Third Wave Digital.


posted 02/15/2017 in Third Wave News

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