Five Techniques to Successful Digital Marketing Creatives

There are always innovative technology trends occurring in digital marketing which make it imperative for businesses to quickly adapt their marketing practices. Digital marketing helps businesses reach new heights of success by exposing their brand to larger audiences with different creative methods. Third Wave Digital has a long history of managing successful digital marketing campaigns which include specific technical aspects, careful monitoring and optimization, and effective creative strategies.

Read more below or take a look at our video to learn five techniques to boost your digital marketing efforts!

First, create a landing page that compliments your advertising design and theme. A landing page reduces the potential for a lead to get lost in your main site and gives the prospective a snapshot view of the products or services your institution has to offer. The visuals on your landing page should mirror the ad creative so customers know the ad has taken them exactly where they want to be. 

Next, implement the use of motion graphics. Motion graphics are a fusion of graphic design, animation, and sounds. Not only do they grab viewers’ attention in a fast online media space, but they also increase engagement.

AB testing ads is another way to increase the success of a digital marketing campaign. Having two or more versions of an ad shown to users randomly, allows you to analyze results and see which variation performs better. This provides a better insight on what content resonates with your audience more.

The organization of an ad is also important. Having strong contrast among components to make specific elements stand out grabs the attention of the viewer. This provides good visual hierarchy to the importance of various details within the ad.

Lastly, have device specific ads to better reach your audience. Designing ads for mobile view is beneficial due to high volumes of audiences using smart phones. Approximately 98% of Facebook users utilize mobile devices to access their accounts. Always be sure to test ads on mobile devices prior to campaign launch to ensure quality and verify readability. 

Third Wave Digital has a proven track record of heightening the performance of client’s online presence to generate their desired results. If you’re looking for a team of experienced experts to help successfully run your digital campaigns, contact us today!

posted 07/15/2021 in Digital Marketing

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