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At Third Wave Digital we are video production specialists.  We create powerful pieces for our clients using our decades of experience and best new practices.  Our clients range from inventors who need their product to come to market with a strong product demo, to established corporations that want a piece that communicates their values to current employees and potential new ones. 

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We recently collaborated on a project with Mike Doss the CEO and President of Graphic Packaging International to create a video that captures some of the amazing things going on at the Macon Mill.   We got to sit down with Mike and hear about what makes the Macon Mill so unique. 

third wave digital,graphic packaging,ceo,corporate communication,business communication,video production

By really listening to our client we were able to see the Mill through Mike’s eyes and this helped us to latch on to what we think is the most amazing thing about the Macon Mill: the people.   We focused our footage capturing on the people of the Macon Mill to create strong visual components that really tell the story of what it’s like to work at a great place like Graphic Packaging.  Now Mike and the people of Graphic Packaging International have a corporate video that they can use to uplift their employees and entice new hires and we are proud to have been a part of that.

third wave digital,graphic packaging,ceo,corporate communication,business communication,video production


About the Author 

Tarver Petersen

Having been everything from Production Assistant to Photographer, to Promotions Producer, Tarver Petersen brought his valuable experience from Television Broadcast to Third Wave Digital in 2018.

Tarver now works as our Production Coordinator where he ensures the smooth operation of the agency's production services by collaborating with the Production Team, Third Wave Digital clients, and the Agency Manager, as well as assists with the creation of production projects by shooting video for commercials, pilots the drone to capture aerial footage, designs graphics for digital clients, writes scripts for commercials, and edits video for post-production.

Even in his spare time, Tarver is always looking for ways to improve his craft by writing and creating sketches, working on Independent films, and managing a podcast with friends. He draws inspiration from excellence in writing and filmmaking.


posted 10/27/2020 in Video Production

Tags: third wave digital, graphic packaging, ceo, corporate communication, business communication, video production


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