A Marketer's Quick Thoughts on Social Media: Part One

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Vine (may you rest in eternal peace), Twitter and so many more occupy millions and millions of people’s time every single day. While this is a marketer’s dream, it can also be a nightmare.  Social media offers marketers the opportunity to have a great conversation with their audience, however, if not careful, social media marketing can result in some bad conversations. Or, the worst of all, you may be trying to hold a conversation at the wrong place and wrong time. This fact alone is what inspired this blog! I know to many, I’m simply preaching to the choir, but as a social media enthusiast, I would like to share some of the many lessons I have learned from experience and a recent webinar on Social Media!


1. Don’t go into a Chinese restaurant trying to sell Italian.

It’s our jobs as marketers to know which channels connect best with our audience. For instance, most the users on Snapchat are under 40 years old. That means it wouldn’t be the most cost effective place to try to sell retirement homes. Knowing your audience is the first step to success, the second is making sure you are one step in front of them. Research all social media platforms and utilize the ones that best connect with your audience and are most effective.

2. Don’t run blindly to a non-existent finish line.

Are you running a branding campaign or an actual conversion campaign? If it is a conversion campaign, how will you track your success? Social media can offer you great engagement, but if you are not getting the conversions you wish to have, then what good is your campaign? If you are simply branding, analyzing your engagement and followers will indicate your success. If your goal is to convert, offering coupon codes and online sales is another way you can keep up with the success of your campaign.

3. Don’t be afraid to taste test new platforms.

It’s better to say you tried something and didn’t like it then never try. Social media platforms are meant to be tested and tried out. Sometimes you will find opportunity in the most unusual places. When trying new platforms, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, just taste test the platform. Maybe it will be a huge failure, but at least you can say you were one of the firsts to test the platform. Also, sometimes you will come back to that platform and have more experience to be advantageous for you or your client.

4. If you feel like you are talking too much, you are.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Social media is about consuming micro-bits of information in a short amount of time. People’s attention span has been consistently decreasing over the years and it is harder than ever to keep people’s attention. Find creative ways to convey your message in a concise form. Create alluring graphics that encourages your audience to click to a longer article with more in-depth information; however, do not try to shove as much information down their timeline as possible in hopes that they will read every word. Find a way to draw your audience in and lead them to a landing page, an inventory page or lead form.


Only FOUR points?! Don’t worry, part two is coming shortly. Stay Tuned for more Quick Thoughts!

Good luck and most importantly, have fun!

Your Social Media Enthusiast,


posted 01/25/2017 in Digital Marketing



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