Third Wave Digital Works with Ladder Safety Rest

For a new business, the release of your product can be nerve wracking and fill you with questions.  Third Wave Digital answers those questions and alleviates those anxieties by capturing the high-quality visuals that are tailored to deliver your product to the public in the best possible light.   We make sure that all the fantastic features of your invention, business, or idea are shown to potential customers to your satisfaction.  Our latest project demonstrating the Ladder Safety Rest exemplifies these principles.

Showcasing the key aspects of the Ladder Safety Rest required our team to reach new heights in our production planning.  We made use of trucks, ladders, and our drone to get those hard to reach angles.  This resourcefulness made for dynamic footage that highlighted all the great aspects of our client’s product.

It was a pleasure working on this project, because the product is really a wonderful invention that provides safety and assurance for building and homeowners.  From the planning stage to the execution of the shoot, our team had a great time elevating our creativity and making our client’s vision a reality. 

About the Author 

Tarver Petersen

Having been everything from Production Assistant to Photographer, to Promotions Producer, Tarver Petersen brought his valuable experience from Television Broadcast to Third Wave Digital in 2018.

Tarver now works as our Production Coordinator where he ensures the smooth operation of the agency's production services by collaborating with the Production Team, Third Wave Digital clients, and the Agency Manager, as well as assists with the creation of production projects by shooting video for commercials, pilots the drone to capture aerial footage, designs graphics for digital clients, writes scripts for commercials, and edits video for post-production.

Even in his spare time, Tarver is always looking for ways to improve his craft by writing and creating sketches, working on Independent films, and managing a podcast with friends. He draws inspiration from excellence in writing and filmmaking.




posted 09/30/2020 in Video Production

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