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Third Wave Digital recently completed a high-level production shoot for a client that required 3 x :30 second broadcast commercials and 3 x :15 second digital videos that were shortened versions of the :30 second commercials. Each of the commercials showcased different aspects of their business and featured different products and each had their own set of challenges for shooting.  To make our day of shooting as smooth as possible we created storyboards for each commercial to conceptualize each shot.


One large challenge that our production team faced was the requirement of rain for one the commercials. We explored several options, such as creating the rain in post-production, re-writing the commercial to take out the rain scene completely, renting a rain machine from a large production house, but we finally decided to build our own rain machine to have in-house for future usage.  The DIY rain machine took a lot of work and trial and error, but the result turned out a success and captured exactly what our client wanted.

Another challenge came in the style of commercial we chose for one the client’s needs: Comedic. Most commercials are inspirational or happy and require very little timing on the part of the actors, but a comedic commercial really needs the actors and director to sell the performance in order to be effective. Luckily, we worked with a talent agency that provided a lot of strong choices for actors, and we found talented performers that had the timing we were looking for.

Helping a client realize their vision is the goal of advertisement and the best part of my job as Production Coordinator at Third Wave Digital.  To make a client’s vision a reality requires technical skill, forethought, a cohesive team atmosphere, and creativity. Each production shoot comes with its own set of challenges and to overcome those challenges requires a strong team that understands the end goal. 


About the Author

Tarver Petersen

Having been everything from Production Assistant to Photographer, to Promotions Producer, Tarver Petersen brought his valuable experience from Television Broadcast to Third Wave Digital in 2018.

Tarver now works as our Production Coordinator where he ensures the smooth operation of the agency's production services by collaborating with the Production Team, Third Wave Digital clients, and the Agency Manager, as well as assists with the creation of production projects by shooting video for commercials, pilots the drone to capture aerial footage, designs graphics for digital clients, writes scripts for commercials, and edits video for post-production.

Even in his spare time, Tarver is always looking for ways to improve his craft by writing and creating sketches, working on Independent films, and managing a podcast with friends. He draws inspiration from excellence in writing and filmmaking.


posted 09/08/2020 in Video Production

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