Digital Is The New Traditional

Digital marketing is here to stay and is ever growing in what it can do for your business.  No, I’m not talking about a digital billboard or road sign.  I’m talking about all the ads you see on Facebook, Google, in the App stores, etc.  Ever wonder how digital can work for you.  Well, hop aboard the digital train to learn about some tactics you should be implementing in your next campaign. 

First and foremost, let’s start with the foundational basics.  Design your website to be mobile first and fully responsive on all browsing platforms.  You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  In this day and age, if a viewer can’t easily navigate your site to find what they want…….customer lost.   (Note: make sure you have great SEO.)

Next up, link your digital advertising to a landing page.  Why you might ask, because landing pages consistently reduce bounce rates and increase dwell time regarding your message.  As the old saying goes, “put your best face forward.”  Be specific with what you want to convey about your brand and what information you want from your customers.  This is a great lead generating tool, especially if you have appropriate follow through.    

Third, in order to know what’s resonating with your target audiences, implement tracking codes on all of your digital marketing campaigns.  This analytical data can really help to fine tune your message.   For example, you might have an ad with people in it versus one with animals, but the animal one gets three times the engagement.  Who knew? You did, because of the tracking code.  With tracking codes, you can really “throw it out there and see what sticks.”  It’s a great tool to implement. 

Now, how does one allocate their budget?  I read a statistic that 2.2 billion people engage with social media.  Think you should put some here?  YES!  Dedicate a portion of your marketing budget exclusively to social media advertising.  Social media ads can be a huge influencer. 

Lastly, if you aren’t sure how to implement all of this on your own, hire a Digital Marketing Agency like us to assist your team in developing and implementing a plan of action that utilizes a tried and true approach to get results.

posted 01/06/2017 in College & University Marketing, Digital Marketing

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