Talking the Talk: Proper Techniques for Testimonials

A commercial produced by Third Wave Digital begins with a strong understanding of our client’s vision and then methodically making that vision a reality. Third Wave Digital creates videos using the motto of “Excellence Over Expediency” and we follow that motto through each step in our creative process. The goal for this commercial shoot was to tell the story of Smaha Orthodontics through patient testimonial interviews. 


A good interview begins with good questions. Researching the business allows you to identify the key areas that are important to your client.  Third Wave Digital then takes those key areas and formulates questions that are open ended to allow the interviewee the opportunity to give strong answers.  Framing your questions so that you don’t get one-word answers is vital for ensuring you have enough footage for the editing process and for your final product.

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The location that you select for your interview will add to the subject of your interview.  You want to dress your set to fit the subject of your project. At Smaha we selected areas of the business that were colorful and pleasing to the eye and reflected the warmth you find at Smaha Orthodontics.  With proper staging, viewers will be able to tell a lot about what your interviewee is expressing without having to hear any words at all.

video production, smaha orthodontics, third wave digital, creative services


When it’s time to speak to your interviewee, having practiced the questions beforehand will help prevent stumbles on your end and let you keep your eyes up and not looking down at your phone or at your paper.  Maintaining eye contact and having a warm expression on your face helps the subject of your interview feel relaxed and may make them more forthcoming with their answers.  Plus, always remember to stay quiet while the interviewee is speaking; you wouldn’t want to ruin a good take because you got over excited and talked over the interviewee. 

video production, smaha orthodontics, third wave digital, creative services


These techniques can go a long way in helping to create effective and well-structured testimonials that a business can use to promote themselves or their products on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Client Websites or even Broadcast Television.  If you are interested in creating testimonial videos, please contact Third Wave Digital for a production quote. We look forward to helping you convey your message to future consumers. 


About the Author

Tarver Petersen, third wave digital, video production, production coordinator

Tarver Petersen

Having been everything from Production Assistant to Photographer, to Promotions Producer, Tarver Petersen brought his valuable experience from Television Broadcast to Third Wave Digital in 2018.

Tarver now works as our Production Coordinator where he ensures the smooth operation of the agency's production services by collaborating with the Production Team, Third Wave Digital clients, and the Agency Manager, as well as assists with the creation of production projects by shooting video for commercials, pilots the drone to capture aerial footage, designs graphics for digital clients, writes scripts for commercials, and edits video for post-production.

Even in his spare time, Tarver is always looking for ways to improve his craft by writing and creating sketches, working on Independent films, and managing a podcast with friends. He draws inspiration from excellence in writing and filmmaking.


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Tags: video production, smaha orthodontics, third wave digital, creative services


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