Top 5 Advantages to Having a Custom Website

Advantages to Utilizing an Agency to Create your Custom Website

Your website is an investment in your business to be found and represented properly online. Most potential customers will visit a new organization’s website before stepping through the door or calling to do business. At Third Wave Digital, we believe every customer and their business is different, which is why we don't offer one size fits all solutions. We build all websites from the ground up with custom development, our integrated CMS tool, and additional plug ins. See why we recommend using an agency to create your custom website:


1. Time

Some companies offer inexpensive do-it-yourself options, and this relies on the business owner or manager's time to set up and complete a majority of the work. While deemed "inexpensive" in cost, it is typically expensive in time.

At Third Wave Digital, we only launch fully completed websites. The only time the business owner or manager has to spend with us is to send over assets and information pertinent to the site, and to review the completed product. Our team handles the entire process of building and contenting the site all the way up until 30 days after the site has been launched. 

For business owners and managers who do not have the time to maintain the site or freshen up the content, we also offer maintenance packages for convenience. 

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2. No Secret Add-On Costs

Some companies start out with low cost template solutions or low month to month rates ($150/month $250/month), and while these are easy to price, these often do not include the additional costs for add-on features that are often necessary for your business, like plug-ins, design, and template revisions.

At Third Wave Digital before we write a proposal for a project we like to discuss with the client the full scope of the work of the website, and price accordingly with all plug ins and add on features included in the total price. 


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3. No Cookie-Cutter Websites

Often these websites have cookie-cutter looks and feels with limits based within the template for the website to make it difficult to customize. By not being able to customize your website, it is almost impossible to make the website unique to your business needs or stand out among the rest.

At Third Wave Digital, we only design custom websites that are designed and built from the ground up with the latest techniques and trends, and with your individual brand in mind.

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4. Maintenance

Over time the companies tend to stop maintaining your site, and will usually try to charge you more to begin maintaining it after a certain point. Maintenance will cost you more over the years on the outdated site where you will be restricted on the number of updates or be charged for each revision you need to make.

At Third Wave Digital, we offer a fully integrated content management system with our custom websites, so you can quickly make changes and update the content on your site as needed. 

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5. You Own the Assets

If you plan to leave the host company you may come to find that you don't actually own the assets associated with your website. In this case you may not be able to take the site with you or have it transferred, and if you are able to, you may be forced to pay an additional fee to take down the site or domain and the content will need to be updated with another service.

At Third Wave Digital, you own all of your assets involved in the making of your website. from your domain to the content and imagery, and the website itself. 

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