Gauging Your Customer's Journey

Busy People Make Broad Decisions

Third Wave Digital works with businesses that are run by busy people who don’t have enough hours in the day. This time pressure forces these busy people into making marketing decisions tactfully as opposed to strategically. Dr. Lee Bolman, a worldwide consultant to corporations, public agencies, universities and schools, once said, “A vision without strategy remains an illusion.” The illusion that many business owners have is that, if they pay to put themselves online then people will buy their products and services. This broad approach to marketing your business is not specific enough to be effective; it does not consider your customers' journey.

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Create a Targeted Path

Not enough people who run PPC campaigns think about the importance of the customers' journey. The best place for a business owner to start understanding their customer's journey, is to start thinking about exactly where you want your customer to be. Whether your objective is a form fill, your product, or your contact page. There is a specific place you want to lead your customers and streamlining that path will generate better results.

Count the Steps

Work the steps backwards of your customers' journey, and determine how many steps it took for your customer to get where you ultimately want him to be. The more steps the more unlikely the customer is going to be willing to continue their journey with you. 

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Streamline the Journey

Streamlining the journey within your PPC campaign will yield higher results, because you are removing obstacles from your customers' paths.

It's time to look at any current PPC campaigns you are running and see if they make your customers' journey as efficient as possible.

About The Author

Will McCurry

Will McCurry

Will McCurry a born and bred Maconite, is an Account Executive with a strong focus on Digital Marketing, who comes from a financial planning background. Will has many years of experience working with clients investing their hard-earned money strategically and making it work for them. 

Will is very active in his church, little league baseball, and his community; and enjoys spending time with his wife, Reese and two little girls, Stuart and Louise.

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