Tarver's Take on the Sunoco Burnout!

My trip out to Las Vegas was a first in two ways: It was my first time in Vegas and my first time seeing the Sunoco Burnout on the Boulevard.  Working with Third Wave Digital I’ve had the opportunity to film for Sunoco at multiple race tracks and venues, but the Burnout was a wholly unique experience.  Our team was tasked with filming the Media Day event and the Burnout on the Boulevard event. 

Before we even arrived in Vegas, our put together a comprehensive plan into how we were going to effectively shoot at two places with very little time between each location.  Our brainstorming and careful preparation gave us the tools to execute on the big day. 

I started my filming at the Media Day event which featured the top 16 drivers of the NASCAR season, set up in a Q&A style format.  My  moved from driver to driver asking about general topics to more pointed humorous ones, so that we could provide Sunoco with multiple deliverables for their websites and social media platforms.

We wrapped at the Media Day event and joined our 2nd group that was set up to capture the opening ceremonies of the Burnout at the Boulevard.  I was placed in a prime location to film the cars as they burned out down the strip.  My teammates moved into the throngs of excited fans to capture the energy of the event.

Our preparation paid off and I was able to capture these rumbling machines as their tires squealed on the road and blooming smoke drifted over the strip.  We filmed each burnout and were able to produce some high-quality products for our client.  The trip was an amazing learning experience and another quality Third Wave Digital production.

posted 03/13/2019 in Video Production



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