Tarver's First Mobley Shoot!

My First Mobley Shoot

By Tarver Petersen

I never knew just how much production value can go into a 30 second T.V. spot, until I shot a Mobley Furniture and Outlet commercial with Third Wave Digital.  I’ve done T.V. commercials for furniture stores, retailers, and car dealers before, but nothing like this. 

With a four-person crew we were able to quickly set up a professional lighting design using the furniture arrangements as our set.   My coworker’s expertise kept our talent properly exposed and the different pieces of merchandise on full display.  Holly, our Atlanta based-actress, was a pro and a joy to work with, keeping the mood light hearted between takes.

A high-end production brings a need for high-end gear, and that gear can be heavy and cumbersome.  However, our director Chase, was able to keep all equipment organized and out of customer’s way.  One of the coolest pieces of gear I got to use was our Dolly.

Most Furniture Commercials are shot on a tripod, which makes for very static shots, but with the Dolly we were able to keep that steady frame but add dynamic motion.  This really added to our production and made for eye-catching shots. Plus, our Boom operator gave us warm, rich audio at just the right level.

All in all, the professional atmosphere and production quality of my first Mobley shoot has me excited for the next one. 

posted 01/03/2019 in Video Production



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