Why People Shouldn't Be Afraid to Invest in Digital Marketing: Part One

Why People Shouldn’t Fear Investing in Digital Marketing

People are afraid of what they don’t know. It’s human nature. So, it’s completely normal for people to shy away from what they don’t know or don’t understand. Add money into the equation and the risks become even higher because business becomes personal when it directly affects someone’s livelihood. However, as business owners know all to well, business is a risk. Every day that business owners turn on their open signs, unlock their doors or log into their website, they are taking a risk. Operating a business takes courage and that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Therefore, when business owners are approached to take even more of a risk and invest their hard-earned money into marketing, they are faced with hard questions to answer. What works best? How much should I spend? What’s the message I want to convey? When asked, most business owners do believe they should invest in marketing.  However, when the word “digital” is added to “marketing”, conversations can get a little sticky.

Why is that? The most common reason is that people don’t completely understand Digital Marketing.  Unlike seeing a commercial on the 6:00 News, people don’t really know what they are getting. So, I think it’s important to explain why you, as a business owner or entrepreneur, should not fear investing in digital marketing.

  1. Your audience is more than likely waiting for you

If your target market is 15-18 years old males in Douglasville, GA or 45-64 years old females in Perry, GA, how do you specifically reach them?  More than likely there is a digital outlet or platform available for your specific audience. Looking to market your new makeup line to 18-25 year old women? There are millions of makeup subscribers waiting to hear from you on YouTube! If you can identify your target market, the good news is that there’s almost certainly a Digital Marketing Platform that can help you amplify your message to your audience.

  1. You can start small and grow

If you’re weary to put a lot of your budget into something new, then the great thing about Digital Marketing is that a little can go a long way, depending on the size of your market and audience.  Compared to investing in a sizeable television buy, with Digital Marketing you can start small and grow as your Return on Investment grows. You can place your trust in your Digital Marketing Specialist to create a plan that grows over time to ensure you are comfortable with the spend and results before increasing budgets.

  1. You see results a lot faster, so you know when something is or isn’t working

Compared to traditional media placement, such as tv, radio and newspapers, Digital Marketing offers you real-time results and immediate flexibility. Did you inform your Digital Marketing Specialist that you need more traffic to your website? A quick look into your Google Analytics will show you how many people have visited your site, how long they have stayed, how many pages they visited and if they added any products to their basket. You always have the transparency to know what’s going on with your digital marketing campaigns. This flexibility will allow your Digital Marketing Specialist or Contractor to immediately change or optimize your campaigns to meet your needs.


While Digital Marketing continues to evolve, it is important that your business invests in marketing that makes sense. You won’t need every type of digital marketing out there. It is important to do your own research as well as ask questions to your Digital Marketing Specialist or Contractor. You should understand what you are buying and why you are buying it. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to try something that makes sense for your business. Yes, it is a risk. However, the rewards with Digital Marketing can be fruitful!

Stay Tuned for Part Two!


Written by Alena R. Tyson, Digital Marketing Manager of Third Wave Digital

If you have any general questions about Digital Marketing, I am more than happy to help answer them and, in addition, help you figure out if Digital Marketing makes sense for your company and if Third Wave Digital can help you navigate your Digital Marketing investments!

Third Wave Digital is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, located in Macon, GA, that specializes in Digital Marketing, Website Development and Creative Services. Ready to join the Wave?


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