Tarver's First NASCAR Shoot with TWD for Sunoco Racing!

Friendly staff, the growling of tuned up engines, a community of energetic fans, and very, very fast cars jockeying around the track: these are some of the things I experienced at the Daytona International Speedway.  My first time at a NASCAR event blew away my expectations of racing. 

Getting into the Speedway we rendezvoused with our Sunoco Racing contacts who gave us a speedy golf cart for the weekend; which was a blessing, because the Speedway is roughly the size of a theme park.   We picked up our passes giving us access around the event from the top of the stands to the pit crews along the track.  

Moving from garages where super focused engineers and mechanics ran data on their test performances, to the center of the track where fans screamed for their favorite drivers, we filmed, filmed, and filmed some more.   There was so much action and electricity in the air that our cameras worked overtime to keep up with our attention. 

Sunoco Racing gave us the opportunity to shoot an interview with Cint Bowyer whose passion for the sport and understanding of what it takes to be successful as a driver, drew me in as a new NASCAR fan.  

My time at the Daytona International Speedway was my first shoot as a Third Wave Digital employee.  I went from control room interviews, to lighting fast pans capturing cars traveling about 200 mph, then to walking shots of jubilant fans creatively beating the heat, and tight shots of beautiful Sunoco iconography.   It was an amazing opportunity that helped me grow as videographer and spawn a new appreciation for all the people who work long days to put these races on.  Now all I want to know is, when’s the next race? 

posted 08/20/2018 in Video Production

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