Third Wave goes to the Magnolia Soapbox Derby!

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show that had soapbox racing in it and longed to live in a town where they hosted annual races for it? I did. I grew up in a small town in South Georgia and wished so badly that they offered a chance to build and race a soapbox car. Young me would’ve been beyond thrilled to build a car with my pops and then racing it down a hill in hopes of bringing home a trophy. I never got the chance to do so but when you live in a small town like I did you miss out on a lot of things like that.

Enter the Magnolia Soapbox Derby. Every year Macon plays host to the Magnolia Soapbox Derby where contestants ranging from middle school students to practicing dentists and lawyers build a soapbox car and lay it all on the hill in hopes of bringing home the gold. This year we were lucky enough to be on site for the event and capture all its activities, friendly faces, and the extensive selection of food trucks!             

The day started with a slight chill in the air as we got their early in the morning to set up a camera to time-lapse the entirety of the day’s events. We spent the day hustling and bustling about to capture any and everything we could; between smiling faces, children playing and, of course, cars racing we had our work cut out for us but we enjoyed every moment of it. The heat got rather intense around lunch time but we we’re enjoying ourselves so much filming the event and watching that races that it didn’t really bother us.

At the end of the day we were tired, we were sweaty and one of us was rather sun burnt (I’ll remember the sunscreen next time) but we all had a great time at the event and from what we saw while filming the event we could tell everybody that attended had a great time too. Check out the video below to see some of what we caught on video!

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