Personally Connecting at NCMPR 2017

Third Wave Digital Conferences

In this day and age of technology, having to conduct business face to face has gone by the wayside.  It’s certainly not a bad thing in that it allows one to conduct business all over the world without the expense of travel that may have prevented certain opportunities in the past.  But conducting business this way does limit the personal touch.  That’s why it’s good to attend industry conferences to be able to actually meet clients you may have been working with remotely for a while.   Making new contacts, of course, is the ultimate goal and at industry events, they can be a great advocate for you as well. 

Having been a sponsor at the regional conference, we knew several vendors this time around.  Seeing familiar faces definitely makes things less awkward during set-up.  As was mentioned in a previous blog, it’s good to make friends with fellow industry representatives, competitor or not.  If they’re not a competitor, they can probably introduce you to some new contacts.  You never know who they may have great relationships with that may need the service you are offering.  It’s all about connections my friends to get your foot in the door. 

Third Wave Digital has been in the midst of rebranding in order to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  New look, meant new exhibition materials and promo items.  That was fun, yet stressful figuring out what to give away, how to brand the booth and making sure deadlines were met.  All was successful.  Many people remembered us from the previous conference in FL and loved our new look. 

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