Third Wave Digital

Teleprompter Services

Third Wave Digital provides complete teleprompter services as an option for any of our on-location video production packages. Teleprompters save time in the field and in post-production, assisting your on-camera presenter with easy to read scripting/talking points for any length presentation TWD's teleprompting technology ensures professional results and spot-on performances from your in-camera talent.  Be it television commercials, corporate videos, or web videos, the use of a prompting system saves time and will increase the effectiveness of your message.  Let Third Wave Digital’s ProLine Series Teleprompter take your next video to a whole new level.

Teleprompter Services Include:

  • Set up of script into a suitable format for prompting
  • Easy on-the-fly edits to scripts
  • Variable speed control of script
  • High quality display monitor with contrast and color controls
  • Teleprompter technician/operator