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Interactive Exhibits

Interactive Kiosks and Interactive Exhibits

Third Wave Digital has created a wide variety of high-tech presentations that utilize the latest in motion graphics, immersive GUIs and some out-of-the box-concepts in our exhibit creation work for Visitor Centers and Museums needing fresh ideas.

Interactive Exhibit Creation and Design

Exhibit Design & Re-Design

In addition to creating new exhibit concepts from the ground up, Third Wave Digital excels at retrofitting and upgrading antiquated exhibits with new content elements and completely new hardware to give your initial exhibit investment several more years of usability.

Combined with our web design expertise, our exhibit work is highly transferable to an online format that can open your museum or visitor center doors to a world wide audience. Here is a list of services we can provide for your next exhibit project:

  • Conceptualization, virtual design, theme development and consultation
  • Educational and Informational content development
  • Interactive game development
  • Hardware/Software selection and implementation
  • Custom graphics and art work
  • Stand alone kiosk design and development

Sample Exhibits

Here are just a few of the innovative kiosk based presentation available for your visitor center:

The Energy Gateway

The Energy Gateway: Learn about the basics of nuclear energy in this entertaining game that challenges you to obtain the Three Rings of Power and gain admission to the hall of fame! View »

The Energy Master Challenge Game

The Master Challenge Game: This simple, but addictively popular interactive quiz game is currently powering exhibit presentations such as: The Energy Master Challenge, The Mercedes Benz Challenge, The Post Master Challenge and others. View »

Wattage Watchdog

Wattage Watch Dog: This popular interactive game teaches visitors all about energy conservation as they navigate their way through the home of the Wastalots trying to find ways to reduce energy costs. View »

UNF Handled With Care

UNF Handled with Care: Ever want to know how used nuclear fuel is handled? This interactive experience provides four exhibit stations offering a unique look at the process from Wet storage to Final repository. View »