Third Wave Digital



Whether you’re producing a long form corporate ID or a thirty-second television commercial Third Wave Digital has the resources and staff available to tell your story the way you want.  Third Wave Digital has been producing videos since 1997.  In the intervening years production technology has changed radically and we have kept pace every step of the way.  Our production department offers the latest in HD, 4K and aerial acquisition and we have the ability to scale our production services to meet a wide range of budgets. In addition, we have developed an extensive network of local and regional directors, DPs and producers which allows us to bring exceptional talent to your project.

Producing a corporate video or business commercial can be daunting.  Third Wave Digital takes the stress out of the process every step of the way.  We’ll provide the initial concepts, script development, and story boards that are the road map for any video.  We’ll work with you to develop detailed schedules for production dates so there are no last minute surprises.  Need on-camera talent?  We’ll help locate and audition professionals that will represent your company in the way that you want or work with you to find individuals within your company that are comfortable on camera. If you need video production services but aren’t sure where to start or how much to budget, call Third Wave Digital today or fill out our online form for a free, no-obligation, quote.


Post production is where the magic happens. Third Wave Digital’s post-production facility includes three complete editing stations fully equipped for video editing, audio mixing, graphics, special effects and distribution. We work with industry-leading software from Adobe, Red Giant and Blackmagic to create polished video presentations that move, inspire and motivate.  Available production services include:

Video editing
Basic editing is anything but.  Our editors are story tellers that know how to make every shot count, every second meaningful.

Graphics and Motion Graphics
Want to add a little extra to your presentation?  Our in-house graphic designers can create great accompanying graphics to help illustrate a point, name and title slates to identify people and places, character animation and more.  We can also include photos in your video and turn them into 3D images for heightened visual impact.

Color Correction and Color Grading
Third Wave Digital utilizes DaVinci Resolve to bring world-class image creativity to our clients. Our use of advanced color-grading can improve the color balance of a shot, augment the mood of a scene or establish and maintain a distinct stylized look for an entire presentation. Often overlooked, color grading is one of the most powerful tools for creating a distinctive memorable video presentation.

Special Effects
Does your video require explosions? Meteor showers?  Flying super heroes?  Do you need a car filmed in you parking lot to appear to be in Las Vegas?  Or maybe you simply need an ill-time passer by removed from the background of a shot.  Welcome to the world of special effects. Where basic editing and color correction stop, special effects can defy reality, add magic, or simply save an otherwise unusable shot.

3D Modeling and Animation
Third Wave Digital has used 3D models and animations in video production for over 15 years.  3D animations are particularly useful for showing objects and interactions that simply can’t be filmed using traditional cameras.  Whether it’s fission taking place in the heart of a nuclear reactor or state of the art medical devices used to fuse spine vertebrae, 3D animations can take you places where no camera can follow. 

Voice Overs, Music & Sound Effects
Ever watched a horror film with the sound turned off?  Audio is every bit as important to the final presentation as the actual video images.  That’s why Third Wave Digital puts almost as much effort into the audio track the actual shots themselves. We have access to music libraries with literally thousands of different music tracks and sound effects to set just the right mood for your video. And we work with industry voice professionals from across the country and around the world that offer nuanced and thoughtful reads for your video’s script.