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Print Brochures: Still Relevant.

Print brochures are an effective way to convey the crucial five “Ws” of your business: Who, What Where, When and Why.  In an electronic age of websites and email marketing, a paper brochure remains a useful tool in a business’s marketing arsenal. Whether it's a simple tri-fold or a multi-page pamphlet, brochures are a versatile way to get your marketing message to your intending audience.  Brochures are great for tradeshows and point-of-sale, they’re useful as leave-behinds after an initial meeting with a prospect, and they can present your business in a tangible way that an email or website cannot.

What Makes a Print Brochure Successful?

A successful brochure is a balance of concisely presented information and appealing design.  It should cover the basics of who you are, what you offer, your location, hours of operation and also present a compelling reason for contacting you.   This information should be accompanied by a design that presents your business in the best possible light.  Everything from colors, fonts, photos and paper selection should present your company in a professional manner and position you as the leaders in your field.

Third Wave Digital Brochure Services

Third Wave Digital’s staff works closely with our customers to create great brochures.  Your project manager will guide you through the initial decisions that will impact your cost such as size, format, paper and printing methods to make sure we are creating a brochure that fits within your budget.  From there, our copywriters will help condense your message into a clear, concise and compelling narrative.  Finally, our graphic designers will provide the typography and layout to create a beautiful and engaging brochure.

Print Management

If you also need print management services, Third Wave Digital works with a variety of print vendor and can see your brochure through the complexities of the printing process.   By managing your brochure’s print process,  Third Wave Digital can:

  • Ensure a reputable and reliable printer handles your job
  • Choose the printing process that best meets the demands of your job
  • Oversee the printing schedule to ensure you job is done on time
  • Track and control costs due to alterations
  • Coordinate the proofing process so there are no unpleasant surprises when the finished brochure is delivered
  • Examine finished samples prior to deliver to you to ensure quality of the final product
  • Act as your advocate in the unlikely event that the printer makes an error

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