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Florida Power and Light

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Screenshot of Florida Power and Light Web Design Screenshot of Florida Power and Light Resources Web Design

Third Wave Digital their latest interactive nuclear energy related exhibit, custom designed and created for Florida Power and Light’s Energy Encounter visitor’s center.

TWD has been providing entertaining and informative exhibits for the nuclear energy industry since 1999 and has created numerous presentations for FPL’s Energy Encounter experience. The newest exhibit is titled, “Clean Energy for a Healthy Planet” and offers visitors an in-depth review of nuclear energy’s role in reducing harmful emissions into our atmosphere.

“Clean Energy for a Healthy Planet” exhibit features an impressive large screen viewing platform, inset to a customized physical display area complimenting the presentation’s main theme. Adding a second dimension to the exhibit experience, there are several smaller interactive screens displaying a vast amount of technical information related to the topic of clean energy and the metric behind the generation of nuclear power.