Third Wave Digital

Media Placement

Third Wave Advertising's comprehensive Media Buying services include:

  • Researching appropriate media vendors and programming
  • Evaluating proposals from media vendors
  • Negotiating media rates
  • Generating add-value and creating media promotions
  • Creating insertion orders and run lists
  • Confirming scheduling
  • Reconciling invoices
  • Managing execution of buys;
  • Negotiating appropriate make-goods for preemptions
  • Conducting post-buy analyses
  • Rendering payment to media vendors, as requested by client
  • Re-evaluating the media plan to further optimize your media buys

Media Negotiation

At Third Wave Advertising, we have over 30 years of combined media buying knowledge; our buyers are tenacious negotiators, working exhaustively for the lowest rates possible.  Our media buyers are experts in all formats — television, radio, print, outdoor, and various Internet media formats.  Third Wave Advertising leverages a wide array of online and offline research tools as well, such as Nielsen, Arbitron and SQAD to effectively forecast media costs and set aggressive buying goals.

Generating Added-Value

TWA buyers are continuously searching for exciting promotional events and sponsorship opportunities. On radio, this could take the form of an endorsement by a popular radio personality or a remote broadcast from your company's location.  On television, it might take the form of a short sponsorship tag during the news broadcast.  Often, these "value-added" opportunities are negotiated as part of the media buy itself and come at little or no additional cost to the client.  In some cases, our buyers work with the media to design and customized event for a client that is specifically tailored to meet their unique business goals. Since many of these opportunities are offered at little or no cost, they serve to further stretch the overall impact of a campaign.  The buyers at TWD usually get back no less than 20% of a buy that is placed on any medium. That’s basically bonus money!

Auditing and Reconciling the Plan

At Third Wave Advertising, we don’t consider our work done, just because the media buy has been approved and placed.  In fact, much of the work is done well after the media actually runs.

After the campaign runs, we receive the invoices from the company we placed the buys with and we reconcile the invoices to make sure the exact placement of each ad to ensure our clients are getting the best positioning, location or rotation for their investment. We establish, early on, with our reps the “TWA Guidelines”; our reps know how serious we are making sure our client is getting all the bang for their buck. Our team never settles for “pretty good” or “decent” for our clients. We are lucky enough to work with some of the best reps in the business they are always going above and beyond for our clients.

In addition, TWA does comprehensive post -buy analysis each quarter to verify each advertising program achieved both the specific media goals, as well as the overall business objectives. After all, our main objective is to help build our clients' profitability --- and that's how we measure our success.

Are you getting all of the media credits your company deserves?

Sometimes ads don’t run as planned, they run too close to a competitor’s ad, or they run in the less-watched programming breaks.  And, sometimes certain television programming doesn’t generate the viewership that was forecasted. When this happens, TWA is aggressive in negotiating bonus spots, and underdelivery to make your advertising dollars go farther.